This is what it all comes down too, sharing and celebrating stories. We work with mobile projection and site responsive storytelling to weave narratives into immersive walking tours and performances.


Enlighten Me Birregurra. 2017 

We are working with the people of Birregurra and a team of international artists to weave an immersive meta narrative across this regional town in celebration of Birregurra's artistic, cultural, and community heritage. 


Secret Immersive Laneway Project. 2017

You will leave Melbourne and travel to another world. An immersive installation where reality bleeds into lumens and all the senses are subverted. 

Client & Location TBA

The Wheel Of Fate. 2016

Using innovative LED mobile media and performing through the streets of Fitzroy, the Wheel of Fate brings performance and projections to unlikely places. Using Back Story mobile projection systems. Presented at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2015 and 2016.

The Crossing. 2015 

Combining architectural structures with experimental film, The Crossing is an immersive work that celebrates Newport history, people, art and music. The Crossing is a multi projection walking tour exploring various locations, beginning from Hall Street, Newport.

View From Here

The above film, An Artist's Tale, was supported and screened by Projector Bike, as part of the View From Here short film strand. We worked in collaboration with St Mary's House of Welcome, Wintringham, Light Works Studios and Yarra Community Housing to create a range of short films. These films explore a diverse range of ideas and interests. They were developed and cultivated during weekly workshops over a four month period. Initiated as an extension of Projector Bike, this project has been interested in low-fi, mobile and do-it-yourself film-making process. We met in cafes, on park benches, in people's homes, in opportunity shops and community centres around the city. These places became our workshops and sources of inspiration. By utilising modern digital film-making equipment, we're able to work flexibly and empower community members to play integral roles in the film-making process. 

An Artist's Tale. Vass paints as a means of expression. Using extreme close ups of Vass's oil drenched canvases, we delve deep into his work and his soul. This is an exploration of his artistic processes, and the philosophical meanderings behind them.